Product Description

The Website Admin Management  fee is kept as a retainer and is billed at $25.00/hr (in 15 minute intervals) when you need to use our services. Our Management Services can be used for any of the following tasks:

  • New Content (Blogs, Pages, Products)*
  • Software or Plugin Updates**
  • Comment Approval
  • Addition of Photos or Graphics***

Use us only when you need us or hire us to manage your site on a monthly+ basis to keep your site(s) up-to date with fresh content and images.

 +Contact us for a monthly rate price quote.

*Artisan Web and Graphic Design (AW&GD) is not responsible for any content, errors or omissions.

**AW&GD cannot be held accountable for issues, bugs, loss of functionality or lack of support pertaining to  3rd party plugins, widgets or open source Content Management Systems.

***Price does not include any image or graphic alteration. All media must be “web ready” upon submission to AW&GD.